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全新LeWL WindLogger风速记录器

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This product will be despatched within 5-10 working days

新型LeWL WindLogger风速记录器 自2008年起便开始生产制造。我们向全球各地售出了数千件这种小型的风速数据记录器,它们的稳定性、精确度和耐用性获得了一致好评。

  • 更简易的安装,只需把Davis风速计接入内部6P4C连接器即可。如果使用其他类型的风速计,也可以采用这种安装方式。您可以直接将其连接至内部传感器输入连接模块。
  • 自动风速计检测系统。新型WindLogger风速记录器让您在离开现场前就能了解到风速计是否已连接并开始工作。
  • 可选的外部温度检测
  • 内置电池监控
  • 出众的电池寿命,1分钟的记录间隔可以使用长达1年
- 同时从2个风速计记录风速 - 平均风速、阵风风速以及标准差(湍流)和风向
- 用于外部温度检测的输入接口
- 电池寿命在数据记录间隔为1分钟时可长达1年,10分钟则长达3年。(10秒钟可用于设备测试)
- 带时间标记的数据将以可导出至Excel或风速分析软件的标准CSV格式保存至microSD卡。包括所有传感器数值以及电池状态
- 包括简单的分析工具。(便于您处理的Excel模板或Java应用)
- IP65级全天候防护外壳
- 文件以标准CSV ASCII格式保存,每月定期归档
- 记录平均值、标准差和最大值
- 对数据进行日期和时间标记
- microSD 闪存卡 FAT32  
- 一次可记录两个风速计数据(2个数字输入接口)
- 支持干式节点(无电压)开关、霍尔效应开关、集电极开路或3V逻辑电平信号风速输入接口
- 电位器型风向传感器,1k - 20k ohms。
- 支持外部温度传感器
- 兼容RS232端口可以在记录数据的同时读取数值
- 通过串行端口或SD卡给出设置菜单
- 4800bps 
- 通过RS232端口实现传感器系数设置

- 工作温度为-40*C到+ 70*C (我们先检查一下极端天气应用程序)
- 传感器电缆由带密封压盖的IP65外壳进行密封
- 尺寸:160x80x55mm 
- 重量:含电池重450g

下载手册 and 快速指南或查看WindLogger风速记录器常见问题和相关视频

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Customer Questions

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Q: Can this wind logger measure temperature too?

A: Yes, it comes pre-configured to use this temperature probe: https://www.windlogger.eu/collections/sensors/products/temperature-thermistor We also recommend using a solar radiation shield if you intend to use the temperature probe under direct Sun light: https://www.windlogger.eu/products/radiation-shield-for-sensors

Q: Hello,I am interested in the LeWL setup for ecology research regarding wind-use in birds. I am wondering what the sensitivity is of the anemometer - for both high- and low- wind-speeds? Thank you,Kris

A: There're many many sensor options, it is probably best to contact us with more details about your requirements. In the meantime, have a look at these: https://www.windlogger.com/collections/sensors

Q: Hi guys,Do you have a MAC OS setup program for the LEWL by any chance?

A: Unfortunately not, however the setup is done using a simple text file that can be edited manually. When the new file is found by the data logger, then it loads its configuration. This process is described in the wind logger manual.

Q: Hi,How many days to reach buyer in Manila, Philippines. İ'd like to buy wind logger plus anemometer and wind vane.Thanks. Hope you response.

A: Hello, we usually dispatch within 2 working days. You should expect to have your items with you within a week. Feel free to contact us directly if you need more details.

Q: Is the sensor compatible with Anemometer Young?

A: Hello, it depends which model. You would need to use one with a pulse output.

Q: Hello,The wind direction angle recorded by these devices represents the direction the wind is blowing FROM? Does a 90º direction mean wind blows westward? Thank you, I purchased 4 anemometers of yours and they are just fine!

A: Yes, that is correct. The wind vane points where the wind is coming from, in the case of recording a 90º, the wind would be comfing from the East. 90º is East, and 270º would be West.

Q: I am interested in getting a new LeWL WindLogger, Could you tell me if the equipment has calibration report and what class it is?

A: Calibration certificates are done for the anemoeters (wind sensors). In this case, depending on the size of your project you may need a 1st Class MEASNET anemometer. Feel free to contact us with details, we will be happy to suggest the best option.


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